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Hey – real quick,
I’m Chris Makara and the founder of Bulkly.
Wanted to get in touch with you because I really enjoyed your article here <qoryannisawicita.com/en/2019/03/28/10-instagram-marketing-tools-to-help-grow-your-brand-on-instagram-in-2019/> which happens to mention this <www.entrepreneur.com/article/280964>.
I’ve recently published a post on Instagram marketing that I thought might make an awesome additional resource for your article and I was wondering, would you be interested in linking to it? If you were willing to add a link to my post, I’d be more than happy to give your post a shout out to my sizable social audiences (100K+) for some additional exposure to your site.
Here’s the link to see the post for yourself: bulk.ly/schedule-instagram-posts/
Let me know what you think and keep up the awesome work!
Chris Makara Founder of Bulk.ly Social Media Automation for Your Buffer Account
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