Collaboration Proposal from Aeroleads

Hi there!
I was mining for some data on LinkedIn and was starstruck to your blog. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your post
A little bit about ourselves – AeroLeads is a *LinkedIn Lead generating tool* that helps to find business emails of prospects and our competitors are Hunter, Lusha, leadforensics, Rocketreach, etc……
We recently wrote a post on this ourselves:( I would love to know your opinion on that article.
Do you think it’s a useful enough resource to consider linking to in your recent article?
*Inreturn we would love to offer you*
1) AeroLeads – 2000 credits (Worth of 100 $) 2) You will get a profile page like this ( You will get a link from AeroLeads/company page (our Domain rating is 72)
Let me know if there’s anything else like “*Editorial changes*” I can help you with.

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