A Broken Link on Your Page

Hello There,
I’m a professional researcher and I write on Business topics – I recently visited your site while researching for a report I’m working on. 
A note for your webmaster – One of your web page has a link to a dead resource that can mislead the reader, also have a negative SEO.
Page URL: www.olderiswiser.com/blogs/starting-a-party-supply-business
Anchor text: more info
Anchor URL: www.entrepreneur.com/article/271446
It looks like they removed the page that gives us a 404 error. However, I have written content on the same topic, and you may replace the broken link with the below content of mine.
My Article: www.backofficepro.com/blog/7-key-business-functions-startups-should-outsource/
Thanks for your help and for providing great resources!
Best, Juliana Crain Professional Researcher www.backofficepro.com/

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